I really enjoy doing film challenges, especially those for foreign film. Last year  i was trying to do 100 countries, but that was a bit of a stretch considering my work schedule. This year I’ve cut it down to 50 as being a little more achievable. To fill that other 50 slot? A new challenge. This one is called 50 States of Film and for this I need to watch one film from each state of the USA.

The USA has a rich history of film and a vast landscape that is a character i itself. The criteria for this is going to be a little exact, and I know I won’t get all 50, but it will still be a productive and interesting journey. The films that I want to add to this list are ones that are not only filmed in the state, but the story and landscape are intrinsic to the nature of the state as well. A lot of films are made in states like Georgia thanks to tax breaks and even other countries like Canada and Europe. I’m also excluding cities from this list – that can be next year. A good example of what I’m looking for is ‘Into the wild’ to represent Alaska which is the first on my list to view. Its mostly filmed in Alaska, set in Alaska and the landscape and nature are a vital part of the story. Tough to get 50 of those, but it will be a quality list!

I’m still going to be doing the 100 years, 100 films (maybe less Tarzan) and as before, I double up on the international and state films when it comes to dates. I seem to manage 200 new films in a year so it all has potential!