I’m doing a 100 films from 100 countries challenge this year along with 100 films from 100 years. This does mean a lot of terrible 80’s movies, but i’m 3 down and its only a decade right?

100 films from 100 countries: has to be in the native language and directed by a native of that country
100 films from 100 years: Must be ones I haven’t seen already and can be doubled up with the countries

Alliance French Film Festival is on 7-28 March when I am at my most busy with costume making, but I have spotted a Roman Duris (Ceasefire) that I’m making the effort to go and see on 16th March and a Vincent Cassel (Gaugin) I really want to make the effort to go and see. The opening night film ‘C’est LaVie’ looks like fun too, but I can’t afford three.