I make no secret of it as its good to know what the reviewer’s bias is, but the first reason this film was on my list was because Oguri Shun was one of the two main leads. Born into a theatrical family, he is actually a very good actor and I’ve enjoyed all the dramas I’ve seen him in so far and want to see more of his film work than the brief appearances in Azumi and Sakuran.

The director Shuichi Okita co-wrote this delightful comedy with Fumio Moriya and is the first of his films I have seen. The story is about Katsuhiko (Koji Yakusho) a woodsman in a small village who finds his daily life and routine encroached upon by the arrival of a film crew and its young director Koichi (Shun Oguri).

Woodsman and the Rain

It was funny, unexpected and without a single hint of romance, focuing on the relationship between young and old, the holding onto the past and looking to the future. Koichi, weak in conviction and Katsuhiko too strong in his own, each influencing each other and helping to shape a better relationship they have with the world and other people.

The comedy is well timed both with dialogue and physical comedy and really is an absolute gem. it shoud go on everyone’s list to watch as a feel good movie. It is certainly going on mine!