It was inevitable that in the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic this film would be released again and despite the theme tune having been played to death in the intervening 15 years, I still wanted to see this epic once more on the big screen, especially as it was now in 3D. Now, I like 3D. I don’t think its always necessary and when its done badly, well, it sucks, but I decided that a miserable Easter Monday at the cinema would be perfect.

I still really enjoyed the film, despite its often hokey dialogue typical of a James Cameron film, and couldn’t help remember back to when this was actually groundbreaking stuff – recreating the Titanic and its sinking. I’m not sure the experience was enhanced by 3D that much, but it didn’t hurt it, nor did it hurt my eyes, so the conversion was done well. The one jarring thing was the animation that was, compared to the standards of today, a little dated and rather too obvious which I thought was a shame that, after all the effort of 3D conversion they couldn’t have updated a few scenes at the start with better animated characters. (One thing I did notice, that I hadn’t seen before was when the wires holding the ship’s funnel snaps and the first one, I am utterly convinced of this, beheads the person in the bottom left corner of the screen!)

James Cameron does like strong women in his films, and Titanic is no exception to that. I like the story of Rose and Jack, and its easy to forget with the costumes and manners of the day that they are still in their teens, making the intensity of the relationship believable and the impulsive nature of Rose wanting to stay with Jack more understandable. It does change some aspects within the crew to suit drama and vilify those who do not deserve it, but it doesn’t take away from the sheer horror of the event itself and the chaos and fear of those who perished.

I wouldn’t mind, time allowed, to go see it again in the IMAX before the month is out and see if the experience is any different remastered for the huge screen. I’ll remember to bring hankies with me this time.