In less than 2 weeks time, the Terracotta Film Festival kicks off at the Prince Charles Cinema, London. For the first time ever I have a festival pass and the days off work so I can actually enjoy the whole four days and not sit at my computer feeling wistful and wishing I had planned ahead properly. Now I just have to try and decide what films from the amazing choices I have to go and see!

Thursday 12 April 2012

The opening film ‘My Way‘ at 20:35 is a must of course.  Missing the opening night would be a big no no, even though it would mean a super late night getting home. A Pan-Asian production from the director of Taeguki and it sounds totally epic.

Friday 13 April 2012

Now here is where the hard choices begin, as I am not sure I can manage to watch four films in a day.  One Mile Above, Return to Burma, UFO In Her EyesFrom Up On Poppy Hill are the choices, all UK premieres. ‘Up on Poppy Hill’ is the new studio Ghibli animation so that is a must and ‘Return to Burma’ also is at the top of my list as the first film shot in Burma. ‘One Mile Above’ sounds like it will simply look stunning and ‘UFO In Her Eyes’ sounds like a lot of fun, though appeals to me less than the others. I might need to eat by that point as well, so perhaps I can manage three films that day. I’m keen to know as well what the masterclass will be about so maybe I will have to make my decision then.

Saturday 14 April 2012

First choice of the day and a serious must for me is Kim Ki-Duk’s ‘Arirang‘ a UK Premiere that I thought I would originally get to see at the Korean Film festival, I’m happy to know I’m getting a chance to see that. Next up ‘The Woodsman and the Rain‘ This is  my must watch list as the talented Oguri Shun is one of the lead roles and I have always enjoyed the roles he’s picked so far (and yes, he’s cute, so sue me). I’m going to give ‘Monsters Club‘ a miss this day. I need a chance to catch up on blogging about the first films of the day and making sure I am rested enough for  ‘Seediq Bale‘  a Taiwanese film about the aboriginal battle against the Japanese occupation and the an hour or so at the Terracotta party before going home to rest and process all I’ve seen.

Whilst I am keen to see ‘Gyo’ at the Terror-cotta section of the festival, I want to have some sleep before Sunday!

Sunday 15 April 2012

‘Couples’  is an International Premiere on Sunday morning as part of the Korean breakfast club double bill, the second being the European premiere of ‘Dancing Queen’. This is the day I’ll be carrying paracetamol about because there is not one film I feel I could miss, not with the European premiere of ‘Inseparable’ nor the the Uk premiere of Sion Sono’s ‘Himizu‘. I have to see the Sion Sono film no matter what! It was at the last Terracotta festival I picked up ‘Love Exposure’ and whilst I have yet to see ‘Cold Fish’ and ‘Suicide Club’ I enjoyed ‘Love Exposure’ more than enough to make up for that (for now).

I’m looking forward to this festival very much and I promise reviews of everything I go to see!