I picked this film up a couple of weeks ago when on an ill-advised foray into HMV. I love sci-fi horror. Initially it has some Biblical imagery – the man arising from mud, light piercing the darkness reflecting the name of the place he has awoken ‘Eden Log’.  Its a dark, dirty place, a steel machine that he begins to explore being told only  that he has a right to be a citizen and that if he looks after the machine, it will look after him.

It certainly one trait of French sci-fi films to be braver than Hollywood and try something new and a little more abstract in delivery. ‘Eden Log ‘ is different and thoughtful and definitely deserves more than one viewing once the final scenes are revealed. We are as confused as the lead until the very end which is a nice touch I thought.  I’m beginning to like French sci-fi a lot as it avoids the brassy Hollywood derring-do and vfx driven plots, instead aiming for those with thought and complexity.

The DVD has the added bonus of two versions – a French and and English – all the better to ensure you understand what is going on. Its not dubbed English either and, as a lot of the dialogue is on recordings it does not seem staged deliberately that way. I watched the English version out of curiosity even though I would prefer the original language and I’m glad I did as the story, while not complex is, as I mentioned before a little abstract and surreal in places.