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I went to see this last Saturday with my mom, who was suitably creeped out and tense through most of the picture and even for me there were some genuinely creepy moments. It did not start on the right foot with me by attempting to harp back to the old days of cinema with the Main title appearing on screen in a lurid red font accompanied by loud ‘music’.  That was seriously not cool, because you do jump but not for any other reason than the fact you’ve pretty much been assaulted by a violin ensemble. That would make anyone jump – feel no shame.

The first 5 minutes of film with back story was pretty pointless. It would have been a far more effective film to have started from the point the boy was at home with other small indications of what had happened in the past. The film did however get better with some nicely creepy moments and an idea that felt quite original for a change – astral projection. Its not your usual theme in Hollywood, but the writer Leigh Whannell (who also appears in the movie) is the writer of Saw and Dead Silence, the latter being yet another movie that creeped me out like no other. Jame Wan worked with him on both those projects, so its a partnership that seems to work really well.

I think random acts of misused music is the biggest problem with the film, using it to make you jump and jangle the nerves really is a bit childish.  One scene though with the record player really works music wise, so I was amost able to forgive abuse elsewhere.

Its worth going to see, just watch out for the violins, they’ll get you every time…