Its always good to see something a little different in the cinema and this sci fi mystery is one well worth making the effort to go and see. Duncan Jones, whose first major film ‘Moon’ was well received directed this one and I think its going to encourage me to go watch that one too!

The basic concept is that of time travel, an 8 minute slot that Sergeant Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) has to discover the bomb and the bomber of a commuter train that was blown up. Its a sci fi that doesn’t rely on gimmicky effects or anything too futuristic in science, and is one that is more people based.

We start the film with as much knowledge and confusion Colter has, the information given to us as the film progresses. Its not about the many 8 minutes that he relives the journey, but what he does in that small time slot to try complete his mission and save the world. His reality, the reality of the train and the reality of the control room are the three spaces in which the story operates, each containing information the other does not have. There is a lot of emotion involved in it all as well, the idea of communication between people as being so important, that life is amazing and wonderful.

One particular scene touched me more than any other, a frozen moment that confronts you with the beautiful notion – that when we are smiling and laughing we are at our most beautiful, no matter what we look like.