Due to the fact I have a Cineworld card I’ve been hitting the cinema a lot in the last week or so, mostly because to break even on the monthly fee I have to watch at least 24 films in a year. Limitless makes it about twelve, so I’ve not been doing so great!

I went to see this on a whim as I was able to escape work early and make a 6pm performance. It was a nice bit of escapism based on a 2004 novel by Alan Glynn called ‘The Dark Fields’ (added to my Amazon wish list!) Book adaptations are often leave a lot to be desired, so I’ll be sure to review the book once i’ve read it too.

The film wasn’t too bad at all, had some excellent tense moments, but what stood out the most for me were some of the visuals that were used to show the enhanced state of mind and how it was affecting him. There was some excellent use of colourisation to compare the two states of mind and the character, while not Mr. Nice Guy at all times, was one that was still able to be related to – for me mostly on  the writers block and the day to day struggle to make something of yourself. (everyone else seems to have it all together don’t they!)

Bradley Cooper is good in the main role, having the looks to be scruffy or sophisticated as the script desires. Robert deNiro – well he’s always welcome in a movie I am watching and his benign seeming role ha a nice edge of menace to it, ensuring you know that he means business and has power and personal savvy.

Its a good piece of escapism, and one I’ll definitely watch again once I have read the novel to see if it changes my opinion on it. That particular review will have a lot of spoilers as I’ll probably go into the whole moral and philosophical side of things… you’ve been warned!