I was first intrigued by the film at the end of last year when Mark Kermode commented on the preview he’d seen. I am happy to say I thought it was an amazing piece of work. Very dark, very intriguing and the gradual shattering of personality and mind of the Main Character ‘Nina’ is played so well by Natalie Portman. Its dark, uncomfortable at times and the visual effects are necessary for the plot, not just thrown in for good measure. They are used well to create atmosphere and push the plot along which is how it should be!


Mark Kermode does a 5 Live review of it which told me some interesting things to do with the films referenced by the movie and has intrigued me with the talk of Dario Argento and some others spoken about.  He mentions as well that the action is more controlled than he thought – a fitting parallel for the discipline and control the two roles in Swan Lake have.

I would definitely recommend this film and it goes on my ‘to buy’ list as well so that I can pick it to pieces with references and thoughts at a later date. It might not be something everyone will enjoy, but I say its worth a  shot for sure!