Sky Blue A.D. 2142 (2003)

In a future Earth that is destroyed and damaged by a 100 year toxic rain, Ecoban was built to protect one race of people, the rest allowed to die outside its gates or become workers and slaves for the city. In 2142, 100 years after the rain began, Ecoban too is on the edge of failure with resources beginning to run out and the whole system running on pollution. Amid this there is Shua and Jay, childhood friends separated for many years and now on opposite sides of the conflict.

Sky Blue is a beautifully rendered and stylish animation that meshes 2D and 3D visuals together very well. There are some gorgeous visuals in this movie, particularly in Ecoban and some of the scenes between Shua and Jay. The story itself is maybe a touch tired with the idea of the rich feeding off the poor and oppressing them, and the characters a little too simple, but it is still worth watching just for the whole look of the animation.

This version, that I bought in HMV is, of course, the US edition with no original audio and re dubbed. The Korean uncut version has Yu JiTae (old boy) voicing Shua and Yu Hye Jin* as Jay and is really the one I want to see. Its currently out of stock on Yesasia, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be really grateful!

* says these are the actors voices, but I can’t find reference to this anywhere else, another reason why I need the original.