I know its not always a good idea to watch two movies one after the other, but seeing as I had just got my unlimited cinema card back again I wanted to use and abuse it! And catch up with the films i wanted to see. I always like a Jackie Chan movie and I liked Karate Kid the first time round so I didn’t think it could go so far wrong.

It wasn’t so bad aside for some overly obvious cultural stereotyping and seriouls the whole ‘Can I touch your hair’ was a bit :/ from anyone over the age of 13 , i mean, little kids i can imagine being fascinated with foreign hair, but teenagers when they first meet??? please.

It wasn’t so bad, it had some nice touches and twists on the original version, updating it as you would need to and Jaden Smith is good in the role. I was reading in an interview with Jackie Chan that he is very talented in martial arts and Chan wants him to continue training too, says he has a lot of potential. If Chan says that … well… I would say go for it!