I’ve been meaning to see this for some time now and have driven everyone who has a bit crazy by stopping anyone discussing the ending (or anything else about it) in my presence. I won’t write any spoilers here, but I will say I really enjoyed it and I do recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

One of the VFX my friend Donna mentioned that took place in the hotel was one she said she couldn’t figure it out how it was done. I know what she means. Even as I was watching I was pondering how it could be done. I came up with two solutions – wires, but maybe horizontal ones and then the scene tipped on its side, another idea was maybe the walls moving as well as the camera and the actor and the third was one of those planes that simulates anti gravity.

I did some digging when i got home and found that it was done

“Weightlessness was achieved through a clever combination of actors on wire rigs in a vertical hotel corridor set and a hand-operated seesaw rig on a horizontal version of the same rig,” (AWN.com) so i was sort of vaguely right, which makes me a little bit pleased with myself seeing as vfx is my career choice 😛

Either way, its a good film for me as I am fascinated by dreams and the dream state. Its not the first time shared dreams have been explored – ‘Cell’ is all about that, but ‘Cell’ is definitely more about the visuals than the story, whereas ‘Inception’ has a nicely complex angle on the nature of dreams, reality and has echoes of the Matrix in it.

Definitely one for my DVD collection when it comes out! I want to see the ‘making of’ specials for the VFX!