I bought this because of my current Brendan Fraser kick and as i buy second hand i usually just get what is a low price rather than a desperate need to see. I hadn’t heard of this film before, but it has an interesting cast of Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julie Delpy, Emile Hirsh and, an appearance of John Cho at the start!

Its a really good cast for the writer/director Jieho Lee who is a Korean American who has based this film on the proverb that life can be broken down into 4 emotions:  Happiness, pleasure, sorrow, love

“Sometimes being completely f****d is a liberating experience”

Again there is the wonderful interconnectedness of events and people who would normally not know each other. Its a real gem of a film as the director pulls no punches with characters and plot

http://www.floatingmedia.com/nurserytale/director.html <– jieho lee