“After 50 years of devastating war, the Japanese victors create Eurasia, but the world is ruined by nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. A scientist, Dr. Azuma, identifies and develops Neo-cells that can regenerate tissue, but on the day his son Tetsuya’s body is brought back from the front line, there is an accident that spawns a whole new race, one that, in vengeance for the military’s over reaction wants to destroy them in return. In an act of sorrowful desperation, Dr. Azuma submerges his son’s body in the neo-cell liquid, bringing him back to life , but no longer really human.”

Visually beautiful and a mix of live action, 2 composite and 3D visuals this has a very distinct feel of Bladerunner to it, right down to a blond antagonist and a hero who may or may not be human. At times it seems very abstract and a sequence of short related scenes rather than a solid storyline. The grading is highly stylised and exciting to see and the whole feel is between game environment, painting, manga and live action.

War changes people, it changes the world and not always for the better. Good people die as much as bad people and who was good and kind can change to be cruel and unusual. Are neo-cell born human or not? It depends in the end on your definition of being human doesn’t it.

The ending of the film is most poignant, wise words interspersed with real and filmed footage. Very moving.